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Scottish woodland

As we live and work in the Cairngorms,  we are fully aware of our responsibility to our local area and the planet to make tourism sustainable and for eco friendly holidays to be the first choice for families looking do what they can to help our environment.  

We decided the best way to offset the carbon footprint of your stay was to plant a tree with every booking, this will help protect and grow The Caledonian Forest for generations to come. You can track our progress at Trees For Life - igloo's grove.. If you would like to contribute, we can add on as many trees to your booking as you wish. 

Other enivormentaly friendly measures we are implementing are 

  • The use of biodegradable and eco friendly cleaning products where possible.
  • Recycling bins provided inside and outside the holiday homes.
  • We enocurage owners to ensure electricity is bought from 100% renewable sources.
  • All lights in our properties replaced with LED bulbs.
  • Wood burning stoves to provide heat with wood coming from local suppliers.   
  • Providing guests with bike sheds and routes to travel by foot or by bike.
  • Providing guests with information on rail and local bus connections
  • Buying local and supporting local business in our add ons available for your stay. 
  • Encouraging guests to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
  • Details supplied of low impact day trips in the Cairngorms.
  • We utilise technology to work from home removing the need to commute or run an office.
  • Our filing systems have been set up to be paperless - including all contracts with owners and suppliers.
  • Our marketing materials are all available online as pdfs any that are printed we use recycled paper and eco friendly inks.

 We realise that we all have our part to play and there is lots of work to do. With green values at the heart of our business, we are confident that we are contributing towards more sustainable tourism in Scotland.



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