Aviemore and The Cairngorms offer so many places to run for runners of all abilities – here our some of our favourite routes.

If like me you always pack your running stuff when heading on holiday – Aviemore and the Cairngorms offers some fantastic opportunities for running no matter your ability. Whether you are just looking for a quick run in the morning from the door of your lodge or fancy exploring the miles and miles of trails. We have mapped these out in strava to make getting out there quick and easy – all of these routes featured are on traffic free multi use paths.

  • Scenic running route from Aviemore
    Aviemore has a great path network and from any point the Aviemore orbital route connects to paths and trails out of the village.

    The Orbital Route connects with the Speyside Way and Pine Martin trail at the north of the village – these two trails can be combined to make a 10k loop through some stunning scenery. You may get a glimpse of the steam train as this route closely follows the Strathspey Steam Railway. This route can easily be extended to a 15km run to take you along Kinchurdy Road and into Boat Of Garten and back through the woods to join the Pine Martin trail again.

    Route on Strava
  • Old Logging Way Run to Glenmore
    Down by the Old Bridge Inn is the start of the Old Logging way – named to reflect the industrial history when Glenmore was used for timber production. This multi use path follows the main road but is completely separated from the busy road – the path does cross the road twice but the crossings are well marked and have traffic calming measures. It is well maintained route and offers a gentle undulating path all the way out to Glen More and Loch Morlich passing through Inverdruie. It is 10km each way but could easily be made shorter by turning back at any point you are comfortable with. Combine with bus 31 if you don’t like doing out and back runs.

    Route on Strava
  • Aviemore Orbital Route
    I always get my bearings of a new place by going for a run – so if you fancy a loop round Aviemore itself, the orbital route makes an 8km loop right round the village and goes right along the River Spey on one side and along the edge of the nature reserve on the other. You can easily take some detours from it to explore Craigellachie nature reserve, stop for a pit stop in the village centre or for a shorter run – miss out riverside trail section and take a shortcut through Silverglades and Dalnabay to cut run down to 6.5km. For an under 5k run you can use part of the Aviemore Orbital route make a nice loop that runs alongside the River Spey:

    Full route on StravaShort route on Strava

    All of our Aviemore lodges are close to the Orbital Route so you can get your trainers on and set off from the front door without worrying about running on the road.

  • Loch an Eiliean 5km Run
    Ever done a 5k round a loch with a castle in the middle? This great path circles the wonderfully scenic Loch an Eilean so make sure you stop for the perfect strava selfie. It’s a well maintained path which also makes a lovely walk if you want more time to take it all in – and as if by magic the route is exactly 5km. You can add on a short loop round Loch Gamhna to make it just shy of 7km.

    Route on Strava
  • Green loch & Ryvoan Bothy Run
    For a scenic run near Aviemore head out to Glenmore for plenty of opportunities. The Green Loch is a sight worth seeing and makes for a lovely run from the shores of Loch Morlich – stop past the Ryvoan Bothy for a break before heading back. Total of 11km on well maintained tracks, can be quite busy with families out for a walk so be remember to be respectful as you pass them. There is scope to extend the run using the Ryvoan Pass and there are plenty of options near by for more strenuous hill runs in this area if that’s your thing!

    Route on Strava
  • Run the Speyside way to Boat of Garten, Nethy Bridge and Grantown
    If you are looking for a Long distance run in The Cairngorms, The Speyside way connects Aviemore to Boat of Garten, Nethy Bridge and Grantown. The route combines forest tracks between Aviemore and Nethy with the old track bed of the long gone Great North of Scotland Railway in the section between Nethy and Grantown. The full distance between Aviemore and Grantown is 24km but can easily be split into sections – combine with public transport if you don’t want to do an out and back.

    Route on Strava

    If you want to follow more of the old railway The Dava way continues from Grantown out on to Dava Moor all the way to Forres following the old railway most of the way.

  • Grantown on Spey woods run
    There are so many paths and tracks to explore in the National Park so it would be impossible to list them all. If you want a change of scene from Aviemore head through to Grantown on Spey – the Anagach woods are community owned and there is fantastic network of paths in the woods that connect to the Speyside way. 

    When I first started running I lived in Grantown and those woods were literally on my doorstep. They got me from first steps of couch to 5k to preparing for my first half marathon. This route takes you round the woods for a 6k explore but with so many options you can make it longer or shorter.

    Route on Strava
  • Run along the River Spey
    You can also do a nice run along the River Spey all the way to just outside Cromdale – this can be done as an 11k out and back as shown below for a nice flat riverside run – or add in a loop of the woods or Speyside Way to make it longer or shorter as you fancy.

    Route On Strava

This is just a very small taster of all the running routes in and around Aviemore and The Cairngorms – there really is so much to explore from the doorstep of your lodge. One of the best things about running is discovering new route – so if you have any favourite runs in The Cairngorms, be sure to share them with us over on our facebook.